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We met Steve Olson and Dustin Dollin for an interview in Paris. But in the end we didn’t have to do much, it was more like drinking beer and listening to two legends telling the wildest stories. You need an example?

Dustin: “I lived with Mickey Reyes, fucking Hells Angels and shit. I lived on a fucking bunk bed with Mickey Reyes, fucking chicks downstairs while the Hells Angels are getting their bikes fixed and shit. I’ve seen the fucking mechanic bash up his wife in front of me, Mickey being caught with a knife in his leg on his birthday. If skaters see anything a bit extraordinary nowadays, they think it’s soooo scary. Man, I’ve been on tour with Phelps for years. I’ve fed acid to all these animals on fucking Skate Rock in Australia. I had 30 tabs of acid, fed ’em all. Lee Ralph, everybody was there, high as fuck on acid in the suburbs of fucking Australia. I had to manage these animals. So all I’m saying is that skateboarding should get the sand out of its fucking vagina and step it up already.”

The whole interview is online now:

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